Written by Andrew Wilson, Broker at LanCarte Commercial


Going into my senior year at Tarleton State University, I did not have a clear direction for a career. I knew time was running out before graduation and I needed to pursue a career rather soon. About a month before my senior year started, a good friend called and told me about a great opportunity for an internship at LanCarte Commercial. He thought I would enjoy getting to know a new industry while gaining college credit. Why not?


I interviewed, got the internship, then spent both semesters of my senior year working in the office. After a few months, Sarah LanCarte took me to lunch and asked if I was interested in getting my license. I enjoyed my work in the office, and I could see my future in commercial real estate. This was an easy decision for me, and I accepted her help.


Since obtaining my license, Sarah has pushed me to get out into the field and cold call. As she reminds me: 90% of those answering the door or the phone will not be interested, but it’s all about finding that 10%! As I’m sure many of you know, cold calling isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, the support from my co-workers has been amazing.


At LanCarte Commercial, there is a genuine atmosphere of family. Since transitioning from intern to licensed agent, I have felt nothing but support. My co-workers are always available to answer questions or offer advice on how to handle certain situations.


Multiple leads have come across my desk, mostly from co-workers who want to help me gain experience. I have a long road ahead of me, but I am extremely fortunate to have found LanCarte Commercial and very grateful for the team that is built around me.


It’s crazy to think this time last year I was without direction. LanCarte Commercial has given me a new path that I never would have expected. I’m excited to work alongside this company and can’t wait to see what our future holds.