Amy Herdine


As the Controller at LanCarte Commercial, Amy brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our financial operations. With a proven track record of success and meticulous attention to detail, Amy plays a major role in ensuring the financial stability and growth of our organization.

Amy’s journey in the financial realm spans over 26 years with more than 19 of those spent in real estate sector, perfecting her skills in financial management, reporting, and analysis. She is responsible for overseeing every facet of our financial operations, from cashflow and expense management to financial and tax compliance. Amy also plays a key role in developing and maintaining our financial planning and analysis and preparing and overseeing our financial reporting and record keeping.

Prior to joining LanCarte Commercial, Amy held impactful roles in the finance and accounting sector, including a long tenure at Westmount Realty Capital. Her extensive experience has equipped her with a deep understanding of financial best practices and an innate ability to drive results and lead her team of accountants. She is dedicated to upholding our financial integrity and ensuring that our financial operations are aligned with our business objectives.

Amy Herdine


  • FEI- Fort Worth

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