Kristen Fegley

Associate | Brokerage

With a decade of expertise in physician staffing, Kristen Fegley’s talent for setting and surpassing industry benchmarks is undeniable. Her early professional journey saw her rise to the respected levels of the million-dollar and president’s clubs, shattering multiple records along the way. Originally hailing from Memphis, TN, Kristen relocated to Dallas in 2000. She spent a significant ten years in Frisco before moving to Brock in 2014. Her unwavering dedication to her professional journey seamlessly blends with her staunch commitment to family, showcasing her balanced approach to life’s various endeavors.


Rather than representing a gap, her temporary hiatus expanded her perspective and sharpened her insights. Following this, Kristen joined forces with a top-tier executive recruiting firm, harnessing her vast knowledge and forward-thinking prowess. This venture was the precursor to her entrepreneurial journey, leading her to establish her administrative recruiting agency. She steered this venture for over five years, positioning it as a beacon in the industry.

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Kristen Fegley

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